High-Quality Service Delivery

If you talk about judging the efficacy of a company’s customer service efforts, there is really only one factor that matters most, and it is – “customer satisfaction.” In fact, you can very well view several testimonials from some of our contented customers. This sort of faith and trust doesn’t happen just by coincidence. It takes time and so our team of committed professionals well understands the particular needs of highway and traffic management operations.

We always make it easy to choose the best experience in the business. At QuaLiX, we craft a strategy that confirms a seamless change for you, and your business. Our transition team, lead by a dedicated project manager, deployment manager, IT support always will work with you to:

High-Quality Service Delivery
  • Ensure that each project meets your right operational goals within the stipulated time-frame.
  • Save requirements, project requirements, and document an overall project schedule.
  • Gather all required information, select and organize other team members.
  • Plan and make sure the complete set-up development is smooth and unified.
  • Generate a comprehensive communication plan.
  • Coordinate and plan every aspect of your daily operation utilizing a dedicated point of contact for all communication.
  • Provide a highly personalized overview of highway management and toll collection performance for cost control.
  • Generate and preserve a risk analysis all through the transition procedure.
Empowering Technology

Empowering Technology

Advance technology innovation has been the crucial to QuaLiX's ability to provide upgraded efficiency and greater cost savings

Right from the beginning, when we started our journey, our industry experts have worked continuously on developing a well-deserved reputation by introducing the latest advancements in Highway Traffic Management technology. We consistently brainstorm as per our client's necessities and explore the possibilities that new technology can offer. Our commitment to technology combined with our strong focus on internal and external process improvement has resulted in the delivery of the most innovative products.

Our industry-leading technology offerings include:

  • HighwayXperTTM
  • TollXperTTM
  • WIMXperTTM
  • ConnectXperTTM
  • ERSXperTTM
  • ParkXperTTM

Strategic Consulting

Streamline Your Operations with QuaLiX's Strategic Consulting

It is important to note that designing Toll or Highway Management systems and to make it run smoothly or efficiently requires a team of professionals who are skilled in all facets of traffic engineering and traffic management. Our experts very well know that traffic safety goes hand-in-hand with smooth and efficient traffic operations. Any disruption in the steady flow of traffic ultimately results in the increase in the probability of crashes.

Our consultants at QuaLiX has an extensive background in this industry and has implemented advanced transportation management systems (ATMS) in different projects. Our ATMS experience includes measures such as variable message signs, video cameras, fiber and wireless system communications, traffic operations control centers and infrastructure integration.

Strategic Consulting

We have always believed that the best way to assist our customers begins with listening. Our strategic consulting team works in close coordination with you in developing the strategies supported by solutions that one can implement, based on a proper analysis of your current status and future requirements. Our team of committed consultants with extensive industry expertise collects the data you requisite when you need it to help you make noteworthy decisions.

The real-time benefits that our clients can earn from our strategic consulting service are:

  • Measures fundamental behavior and compliance KPIs
  • Make discussions that can aid you to recognize areas of opportunity
  • Guidance and best practices shared in managing your goals

At QuaLiX, we love to partner with you and provide actionable recommendations to achieve your company goals.