About QuaLiX

About Us

Empowering infrastructure, Rendering smart traffic solutions

Innovation is revolutionizing every facet of life and QuaLix has embraced innovation to revolutionize its services. At QuaLiX, we deliver both innovation as well as excellence through our smart business solutions. We present an exclusive range of intelligent transportation solutions and information management services that showcase the face of a safe and tech-savvy future.

Over the years since its inception, QuaLiX has strived hard to facilitate such transportation solutions that flaunt technology, endow ease, and reflect their essence on the roads and highways. It has carved its repute amidst competition and business challenges. Today, its customized services are empowering traffic management systems by providing AI-driven products and solutions for surveillance, monitoring, parking, toll collection, traffic control and many more.

We feel proud as we stand high in this competitive industry as we serve excellent comprehensive solutions to our esteemed clients i.e. from designing to implementation; then from delivery to after-completion support. We promise you all!!

Widening horizons, Crossing boundaries

Our focus to provide hi-tech services across India has driven us to widen our horizons. We challenge our technical & diligent experts to deliver with perfection and improve the magnitude of quality. With innovative solutions and outstanding team efforts, we have surpassed the expectations of clients and provided intelligent transportation systems for roads and highways. Today, we have designed, installed, and maintained several smart traffic & toll management models all over India. We commit to bringing newness to our solutions by fostering innovative ideas & delivering operational efficiency.

Attaining goals through Solidarity

QuaLiX deeply values the contribution of its human resources. Our proficient employees put in great efforts to design solutions & provide services that epitomize customers’ needs, unrivaled quality and intelligence per se.

Why Qualix?

High-quality service delivery

Delivering quality that promises resilience

Our key focus is to attain “consumer satisfaction”. Our relentless efforts to content our consumers are achieved by meeting their expectations & by rendering quality in our solutions. At QuaLiX, we design immaculate plans for your business projects, and our dedicated teams led by experienced managerial staff ensure the successful execution of well-laid plans. We follow the 8-step formula that promises quality, delivery, execution and success.

  • Proper communication & data collection
  • Planning the project goals from start to end
  • Placing time limits & schedules for each task in the process
  • Preparing the list of requirements for project completion
  • Projecting the operational framework as per the project goals
  • Providing a holistic overview of the costing & project delivery of respective road or toll collection management
  • Proactive risk analysis at every stage of project transition
  • Pre-assuring the smooth & integrated completion of the project

Empowering Technology

Driven by technology; Service by a commitment

The advent of new and advanced technology in highway traffic management, information management, toll management, etc. has augmented the quality of our solutions. QuaLix promises better efficiency in processes, technology-based control of product features, and innovative use of ideas to its clients. Our specialized teams dedicatedly engage in extracting, adopting & offering the latest technologies in our transportation solutions as per our client’s needs. With continuous improvement and up-gradation, we empower our business solutions, our clients as well as our relationships.

Take a look at our Industry Leading technology offerings:-

  • HighwayXperT
  • TollXperT
  • WIMXperT
  • ERSXperT

Strategic Consulting

We assist. You decide.

If you are looking for a hi-tech highway or toll management system that offers efficiency in operations, then you have come to the right place. At QuaLiX, we focus on offering excellence. It starts with an apt understanding of the product, its feature, and its functioning. Our abundant experience in the industry has strengthened our brand value and our expert team offers you in-depth guidance on each & every aspect of systems.

Our strategic consultants have diligently acquired experience in implementing an advanced transportation management system. They have successfully and independently handled various projects on infrastructure integration, wireless system, surveillance cameras, traffic operations & control centers, etc. After comprehending the needs of consumers, our consulting team creates effective strategies that work well with the best solutions. The strategies and solutions are proposed to the clients for customization and to facilitate decision-making.

How does strategic consulting help?

  • Estimation and proper analysis of customer requirements help in foreseeing the future needs of the project.
  • Offers a range of solutions that best match the clients’ current & prospective business requirements.
  • Decision-making gets easier after a comprehensive understanding and proper consultation
  • Fortify a valuable business partnership between QuaLix & the client.

Our Mision IsBest In The Business!