Advanced Traffic Management Solution

Advanced Traffic Management Solution

QuaLix presents you with its well-integrated advanced traffic management solution-HighwayXpert which facilitates traffic control and centrally administers traffic operations.

Our system assimilates several innovative technologies to design an intelligent traffic management solution that integrates multiple traffic control centers on a particular highway. Our objective is to improve the safety on roads & highways by enhancing hi-tech traffic monitoring systems and by offering ATMS complementary technologies for emergency back-ups. We believe that our HighwayXpert solution can automatically manage the flow of real-time traffic data from the control centers to the central monitoring system and provide meticulous roadside aid in less time. This imparts efficiency in the management system, prevents road accidents, and offers quick assistance in case of any mishaps or emergencies.

HigwayXpert showcase the use of globally renowned technologies like:

  • Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier(ATCC): It automatically detects, classifies, and estimates the speed of passing vehicles irrespective of the number of traffic lanes and directions. In short, it is a well-integrated multi-lane, bi-directional traffic data collecting instrument.
  • Video Incident Detection System(VTDS): It provides comprehensive visual coverage of a particular location where it has been installed.
  • Closed Circuit Television Surveillance(CCTV): Our high-quality CCTV surveillance system can monitor traffic in low visibility conditions also.
  • Variable Message Sign(VMS): Be it weather information, traffic congestion, or diversion due to an accident or construction activity, our VMS relays all the information directly to the road user.
  • Emergency Call Box(ECB): Road users can report any accident or mishap incurred on the road at any time through our in-house designed ECB.
  • Meteorological Data Station(MDS): Our HighwayXpert showcases MDS software system that efficiently acquires, processes, manages and broadcasts weather & relating information to road users.
  • Solar Blinkers: Our eco-friendly solar blinker technology is effectively manufactured to regulate traffic on low/medium traffic roads or highways.

Why HighwayXpert?

  • It is utilizing innovative technologies that facilitate operational efficiency and better traffic control & management.
  • Every component is designed to enhance safety on the road and offer assistance to road users.
  • It offers meticulous information about weather, congestion, and diversion to the users which saves time and prepares the users for adversity.
  • It ensures a smooth flow of traffic and convenience to commuters.
  • It gives timely alerts about the road status which allows users to change routes and save their commuting time.
  • It is effective in preventing road & highway accidents.