Tunnel Management Solution

Tunnel Management Solution

Let our technological advancement bring safety & light to your tunnels. 

QuaLiX features a unique, safe, and integrated Tunnel Management System-TunnelXpert. We aim to impart secure commuting to the passengers crossing the tunnels. Our intelligent tunnel management solutions showcase the sophisticated efforts of our smart engineers and developers. Their intricate knowledge of technology has led them to install advanced & standardized technologies that offer better ventilation, effective control over tunnel traffic, and enhanced monitoring of tunnel traffic & incidents.

Our tunnel management system is well designed to meet complex infrastructural challenges and traffic control situations. Our technology is driven by Artificial intelligence systems and is empowered by thorough research & tested experiments. The idea is to strengthen tunnel management and avoid any kind of accidents. Every feature articulates the dedicated efforts of our management and technical teams who have adhered to applicable standards and strived hard to meet clients’ expectations.

Our TunnelXpert flaunts the following revolutionary technologies:-

  1. Tunnel Ventilation System: It safeguards the tunnel from fire, pollution, and harmful gas emissions.
  2. Traffic Lights
  3. Overheight Vehicle detection: It detects & pre-warns if any over-height vehicle is expected to pass through the tunnel.
  4. Traffic Logging Equipment: It estimates and logs the speed range of a passing vehicle.
  5. Variable Message Signs: It provides & alerts the traffic control information to the commuters crossing the tunnel.
  6. CCTV monitoring system: It is installed to ensure traffic monitoring & control within the tunnels.
  7. Incident Detection Function: It alerts the control room after detecting any unforeseen incidents in the tunnel.
  8. Emergency Call System: It facilitates effective communication and imparts assistance to commuters and employees.
  9. Integrated Tunnel Control system: It links with Supervisory control & Data Acquisition(SCADA) to promote better monitoring & supervision of tunnels at all times.

Why TunnelXpert?

  • Our TunnelXpert Solution embodies the comprehensive safety of the tunnel transportation system and travelers passing through the tunnels.
  • We offer an effective and timely monitoring system that notifies the user on time and enables him to take apt actions in case of emergency.
  • We constantly endeavor to set benchmarks in tunnel management solutions by embracing the latest technological advancements in the sector.
  • Our tunnel maintenance and control systems are impressively customized as per the client’s requirements