• HighwayXperT<sup>TM</sup>
    Integrating technologies to improve the collection of
    real-time traffic data, the flow of vehicle traffic
    and improve safety
    Phone: +91-120-4372900
  • WIMXperT<sup>TM</sup>
    Solution meant to identify vehicles with weight
    violations and control number of
    over-loaded heavy vehicles
    Phone: +91-120-4372900
  • ConnectXperT<sup>TM</sup>
    An automatic system for electronic payment
    of tolls & reducing congestion
    at highway toll-gates
    Phone: +91-120-4372900
  • ERSXperT<sup>TM</sup>
    Facilitating highway users for security & emergency
    communication needs as an aid to seek
    urgent help and assistance
    Phone: +91-120-4372900
  • ParkXperT<sup>TM</sup>
    Solution designed to simplify upcoming
    parking challenges and gain access
    to controlled parking areas
    Phone: +91-120-4372900
  • TollXperT<sup>TM</sup>
    A high-level security to toll transaction data to
    minimize revenue leakage or pilferages
    Phone: +91-120-4372900

Welcome to QuaLiX

QuaLiX is one of India’s independent traffic & toll management companies operating across many states. Making the utmost utilization of new technologies along with the best equipment and a workforce to be proud of, the company has successfully delivered an outstanding level of service.

As a leading business within this highway & traffic management sector, QuaLiX Information System is setting the industry standard for innovation, safety, and consistency. Since its inception, the company has delivered continuously effective solutions for highway traffic management, toll collection integrated solutions for highway passengers to opt the convenient mode to travel and pay for their journeys. These solutions have enabled national highway & transportation authorities and agencies to manage the uprising demand for effective highway management across the entire transportation network in various projects.

QuaLiX's solutions for planning, operating and optimizing include:
  • Real Time Passenger Information Systems
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Toll Collection Management
  • Passenger Information Display Technology

As part of our portfolio, QuaLiX is able to supply certified solutions that are tailored to meet the Indian market.  We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the industry and providing complete Traffic & Toll Management solutions all across India - around the clock, 365 days a year.

"Our Key Expertise Keeps Traffic & Toll
Management Functioning on Indian
Highways Effectively"



Successfully providing all-inclusive solutions for the most complex projects and challenging schedules
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Work closely with local & national authorities to deliver planned and reactive Highway Traffic & Toll Management programs.
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Tough & Durable, each product is designed to add value to successful traffic management
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Completed innovative designs for different projects to assist agencies in managing traffic successfully
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Best Practice Certification

As a leader in highway traffic and toll collection management, we understand that it's important to validate our capabilities through the global certification standards.

When products and services match up to the International Standards, our patrons know that they are in work with a company that is dedicated towards quality and safety.

At QuaLiX, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Therefore, our experts demonstrate highest quality standards in the development, production, and sales in the field of ITS, i.e., TMS, ATMS, UTMS, ITMS, WIM, VMS, Emergency Call System, Smart City Solutions, Surveillance, Solar Street Light and Solar Blinker.


Customers' Feedback

“QuaLiXhas demonstrated a high degree of flexibility, scalability and professionalism enabling us to meet the strategic goals for our TMS implementation. Their commitment to quality and execution excellence has made a significant difference.”
Mr. R L Kashyap (Sr. V P, GRIL)
“It has certainly been a pleasure working with the QuaLiXfolks. Work has been timely, feedback constructive and very focused on making sure we are satisfied with the implementation. Feedback from our personnel has been very positive. We are excited about implementing their solution.”
Mr. AKS Chauhan (COO, GRIL)
” We would like to thank QuaLiX for its continued assistance in the implementation of the system. QuaLiX is diligently working to create a solution that meets our needs. With our own Quality Control team, QuaLiX is ensuring that the solution not only achieves its intended purpose, but also meets our high quality standards.”
Mr. Sandeep Devaria (Director, Ravi Infra build Projects Pvt Ltd)

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