Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Let QuaLix help India achieve the goal of turning cities into smart cities!!

Artificial Intelligence and automated systems are changing the standard of living in urban cities. Our Government of India is keen to transform every city into a smart city. QuaLix feels great pride in playing the role of the developer in fulfilling this challenging objective. Our smart city solutions offer a myriad of components that are required for this transformation.

QuaLix is offering the following components that will bring innovative changes to the existing system:

  • Parking Systems: QuaLix introduces an Automated Parking system with amazing features like an Automated ticket dispenser & payment system, automated vehicle count & analysis of data, CCTV surveillance, RFID based scanning while entering & exiting vehicles.
  • Integrated traffic Management systems: It easily enables the authorities to keep a check on the violators and traffic rule breakers. The automatic detection system would comprise red light violation detection, Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems, Speed violation detection, congestion detection system, traffic control systems, Video incident detection system, etc.
  • Automatic city surveillance systems: City surveillance would help law enforcement agencies to keep track of any unforeseen incidents, accidents, thefts, crimes, etc. With our exemplary monitoring systems, it would be easier to secure infrastructural facilities, public places, and other important places. The system comprises face recognition, detection of congestion & crowd, fire/smoke detection, etc.
  • Intelligent Transportation system: City with an efficient transport management system facilitates convenience for its denizens. Our intelligent transportation system would enable the cities to transform their existing manual system into AI-driven automatic systems which would provide smoothness to operations and control over systems. It comprises Passenger information system, automatic fare collection system, depot management, Incident management system, etc.
  • Automated payment systems: We aim to make the payment transactions fast, efficient and smooth, especially at toll plazas, parking places, shopping areas, community centers, and government places. We intend to deploy RFID, web-based payment gateways, E-wallet, M-Wallet, etc., and collaborate with banks to offer integrated and automated payment systems in public places.
  • Environmental sensors & ICT-based solid waste management: We promote green cities and entirely encourage automated systems that offer eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and smart deployments. We provide an ICT based solid management system that contains ultrasonic sensors and controllers attached to garbage bins.

Why us?

Expertise to excel: QuaLix has substantial years of experience in rendering intelligent transportation solutions and information management solutions. Our expertise in the field is ideal to venture into smart city solutions for our esteemed clients.

Effective deployment of systems: We are well versed in deploying smart and hi-tech systems to the requirements of the city.

Prompt & timely delivery: We believe in the essence of time and we leave no stone unturned in delivering our solutions before the given time.

Client satisfaction is the priority: We make no compromise in delivering accuracy, innovativeness, and quality to our clients. We prioritize fulfilling the expectation of our clients.