Toll Management Solution

Toll Management Solution

Don’t let the highway & road traffic delays the time of commuters. Install QuaLix’s Electronic Toll Collection solution to improve traffic management and road infrastructure. We offer solutions that prioritize the needs of our clients.

QuaLix offers the most efficient toll management solutions with a comprehensive set of amazing features. We provide customization features to our clients which allows them to get the best that match their business needs. Our key emphasis in our Electronic toll collection system is to facilitate effortless functioning, ease in operations, and better usability. Each of our toll management solutions showcases the use of advanced technology, internationally adopted practices, and our pursuit of excellence.

Our toll management solutions offer different kinds of toll management solutions. Each Solution is designed to meet the varying requirements of regional infrastructure, client’s utility, and efficiency.

  • Manual Toll Collection
  • Semi-Automatic Toll Collection
  • Electronic Toll Collection
  • Weight-based Toll collection

We offer features that reflect our commitment to delivering innovation with excellence. It includes:-

  • Hi-tech Software Architecture: Our technology-driven software architecture is equipped with all the latest technologies required for an Electronic Toll Management system. It promises maximum results at minimal costs.
  • Excellent surveillance options: Our electronic toll collection and management system contains continuous surveillance technology that enables you to keep an eye over every transaction in the toll plazas. This way you can reduce the chances of fraud & pilferage.
  • Effective system control: With our effective system control features, toll plaza control centers can gain effective control over real-time toll plaza operations. It ensures complete connectivity and optimal control from remote toll plaza centers.
  • Tailor-made reporting system: We allow our customers to customize their reporting system to overview the operational performances; analyze the transactions and conduct better management.
  • Hybrid toll collection techniques: Our weight-based toll collection center is wholly integrated with technology which enables smoothness in overall functioning & proper maintenance of roads also.

Our highly functional Electronic Toll System is a boon for your business model because:

  • Saves time for both commuters as well as toll centers
  • Reduces operational cost of toll operators and saves fuel cost of the passing vehicles.
  • With proper controls & RFID in place, it eliminates the possibility of improper cash management or cash fraud.
  • Electronic Toll collection reduces traffic congestion at toll plazas as less waiting time & faster operations. It facilitates better infrastructural control in the area.
  • It holds better capacity as well-functioning electronic toll collection can accommodate more vehicles at the same time.

Our focus areas:

We strive hard to deliver an excellently functioning toll management system. We understand your toll control requirements and provide adapting hardware & software like Automated Vehicle Classification, etc. that promise:

  • Excellent competence
  • Durable life time
  • Safe & accommodating
  • Effective in saving fuel, time & power resources