The success of QuaLiX Information System is down to each person who works here as a team. Through our businesses in India, at QuaLiX various career openings exist in a wide range of disciplines and at different levels right from trainee to senior managers.

We at QuaLiX aims to be an employer of choice for different working professionals from diverse backgrounds. In fact, we treat every employee merely on the base of personal merit and contribution all over their career journey. The mixture of our people, their abilities and talents is the forte that benefits us reach our best.


We have confidence in our employees, and so at QuaLiX , one can earn both real quality benefits and quality perks. Our employees adore a full range of benefits that can successfully meet their requirements.

At QuaLiX , we are very much proud of our entire team that consists of smart working individuals and work as a team to resolve the requirements of our clients. In fact, many of our executive team members are leaders and performing their responsibilities successfully within their fields.

Are you one of those who is looking forward to further boost up your career in the the Traffic & Toll Management industry, we welcome you and have a successful career for you. We have the industry experts, capable and trained to conduct a variety of functions and projects in locations across the country. We would like to appreciate you being one of our coworkers, embrace high ethical standards and would like to hear from you.

Join us, involve and experience a range of opportunities that can allow you to accomplish your real potential!