QuaLiX’s success has primarily been due to its ability to perform cutting-edge research and development and offering right services to its customers in various projects across India.

Our assistance to keep traffic moving has allowed us in delivering smart traffic solutions and network maintenance. For smooth flow of traffic at National Highways, many respective authorities use our services for efficient checking and controlling road usage, providing up-to-date traffic information and above all keeping road users safe.


Authorities choose us to accomplish their traffic technology requirements

Our combination of consultancy, systems integration and supply along with the installation of specialist traffic equipment and maintenance, allows us to provide a wide range of solutions to meet your requirements. With traffic congestion and increasingly complex transport systems, our service offerings provide comprehensive intelligent solutions. Our responsive approach is fundamental in an age where users anticipate unbroken communication, irrespective of the technology employed.

The successful implementation of any traffic management project majorly depends upon a design, supply, installation, and maintenance of every equipment that primarily aims to enhance the road safety and provide alerts about any abnormal road or weather conditions. The outdoor equipment that includes ECB boxes, VMS, Meteorological Data System, CCTV system, Mobile Radio Communication & Transmission system along with indoor equipment installed at respective Traffic Control Rooms like Large Display Board, CCTV Monitor System, Call Centre System housed in Control Room must remain operational and work with uninterrupted power supply.

We specialize in the maintenance of Advanced Traffic Management systems and is one of the top reputed names in that area of expertise in the country. At our facilities, we have access to numerous pieces of equipment to undertake any project as needed on immediate notice.



A dynamic highway traffic guidance system is the need of the hour to solve the undying problem of traffic congestion. QuaLiX has successfully installed some of the best traffic management systems across many states in India. We provide turnkey installation of ITS technologies, which simultaneously includes traffic management and communication system infrastructure, both roadside and at various traffic management or control centers.

Our dedicated team includes Project Managers, Site Engineers and Installation professionals who are trained and have a practical understanding of the technology they are working with.

Our primary services also include implementation of factory acceptance tests, installation and configuration of field equipment along with the final system integration acceptance testing. Apart from integration with our traffic management software platform, our experts are also specialized in device integration with third-party equipment.

You can profit from our aptitude to regularly deliver traffic technology installation services right on time and budget. Our structured approach comprises of following principles:

  • In work with our customers to ensure we understand the essential requirements and success standards
  • Comprehensive forward planning
  • Culture of ownership resulting in a practical approach to risk management

Traffic Data Reporting

Every year, and each day, thousands of traffic counts are collected on National Highway and roadways. This information can be beneficial in the creation of volume, sorting, speed, and weight data as well as traffic forecasts, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) figures, reports, and conduct the analysis. These days, authorities are making use of these traffic data in safety assessment, funding verdicts, forecasting, and much more.

QuaLiX's Data Collection Analysis and Reporting System provide information to enhance decision making. In fact, we are also specialized in offering you an exclusive real-time traffic data information. We have a dedicated staff along with extensive and diversified inventory of traffic data collection equipment, which allows us to deliver reliable solutions for all your traffic data needs.

We can help you get what you require in the creation of a practical traffic management solution built specifically for your highway's unique smart traffic needs. So you can grow intelligently, with support from a trusted partner like QuaLiX information System.

Traffic Data Reporting


Every infrastructure and product needs maintenance.

We have a committed team of skilled site engineers, fully qualified to maintain all our installed products and solutions to the highest standards and within altogether quality and safety guidelines.

We offer our complete maintenance service to further ensure that every product and solutions run efficiently. It is our prime objective to consistently provide our clients with all the required knowledge and info they necessitate, through updates or support for high-technology products.

Our maintenance service is concentrated on prevention and includes equipment maintenance and periodic replacement (if any) to avoid any malfunctioning. We are one of the few experts in this industry to follow a complete pro-active approach that can help you reduce operational costs through innovation.

Even the best mitigation tactics don't give complete prevention from failure, but proper and corrective maintenance can reduce down-times to a minimum. Our staffs are trained to fix problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Installation & Maintenance and Data Services operate simultaneously to ensure every equipment performs its task or function appropriately and action is taken when any disputes arise:

  • Project Manager - timetables work and manage repair activities
  • In-House Technical Support - executes remote diagnostics and service
  • On-Site Field Personnel - implement on-site diagnostics and functions

Our complete project delivery package covers a full range of requirements from as-needed maintenance service to turn-key installation, data collection, and quality assurance.