Solar Blinker

Solar Blinkers are devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control competing flows of traffic. It is used for signaling and remains on 24 hrs blinking mode. These LED blinkers possess led based signal lights and are maintenance free of eco-friendly Solar Power and without electrical connections.

We have installed this blinker in streets and rods for controlling traffic in many locations. The critical aspect of our offered blinker is produced using superior quality materials and lights that are obtained from authentic vendors. Moreover, post-production, this blinker is systematically checked on several aspects such as longer service life and performance.


  • Highway intersections
  • At accident-prone zones
  • At access controlled location/check posts
Solar Blinker


  • High-efficiency electronic circuitry
  • Temperature Compensated Battery Charging.
  • Ultra-bright & maintenance free LED's
  • Low output degradation
  • Premium quality Solar cells
  • Extremely reliable

Key Benefits-

  • Supreme quality weatherproof construction
  • LEDs used in our solar blinkers give highly intense flashes per minute
  • PWM/MOSFET based solar charge controller for efficient battery charging
  • Minimum power consumption

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 12V, DC
Power Consumption 0.4A @ 12 V DC
Temperature Range -5 °C to +70°C
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 200 X 355 X 510
Weight 12.5 Kg
Housing MS
Visibility 500 Meters
LED Colour Amber/Red/Green
Battery Capacity 26 Ah 18 Ah
Power Backup 72 Hours 48 Hours(Approx.)
Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free SMF Battery
Flash Time 50/52 Flashers/Min or customized
Pole Specification
Length = 3000/4000 mm
Dia = 80/100 mm
Sheet Thickness = 2 mm
Pole surface finishing Powder Coating type finishing (75 microns)
Base Plate Specifications Length = 250 mm
Width = 250 mm
Thickness = 8 mm
Solar panel output power 40 Watt 30 Watt

Our Assurance

  • 100% quality testing: Our experienced technicians have tested these solar blinkers regarding quality, construction, operation, LED device and maintenance.
  • Anti-theft protection: We exclusively offer inbuilt battery system that protects the battery from the usual threat of thefts.
  • No manual operations on our solar blinkers: Due to internal and flexible adjustment in the microprocessor-based circuits, it can operate automatically depending on the dusk or dawn time without any manual intervention.
  • Cost-effective: Our prices are competitive and are optimally charged with no compromise on the quality of the product.