Each car park is exclusive and necessitates tailored management systems to achieve optimal operation. QuaLiX delivers intelligent parking management systems that not only optimize your parking programs but also provide convenient solutions for drivers.

The growth in vehicles is enlarging the parking problems in metropolitan cities, and there is a necessity to integrate innovative as well as technologically equipped parking solutions that can streamline these upcoming parking challenges in the city. QuaLiX has apt resources and expertise that can diligently bring together various functions into a unified platform that works simultaneously in refining performance and increasing efficiency in parking management.

  • Violation Processing-We offer both enterprise level as well as off-the-shelf violation processing.
  • Meter/sensor/off-street revenue collection system- We also provide 3 various revenue collection system in parking management, i.e., via Meter, Via Sensors or through street revenue collection system.
  • Receivable & Collection Management- We have added Receivable and Collection Management in our parking solutions that highlight convenience in accounting.

The complete system is quite versatile, allowing ease to the authorities and the vehicle owners. It is also flexible, thanks to the hi-tech equipment and software. In fact, our parking management system accounts for open-end hardware integration, which means the parking system hardware can be attuned as per the vehicle traffic at control points in the parking lots.

As each project is distinctive, we design customized systems: entries, exits, vehicle flow, guidance systems and access management for every parking project.

Customers' Feedback

“QuaLiXhas demonstrated a high degree of flexibility, scalability and professionalism enabling us to meet the strategic goals for our TMS implementation. Their commitment to quality and execution excellence has made a significant difference.”
Mr. R L Kashyap (Sr. V P, GRIL)
“It has certainly been a pleasure working with the QuaLiXfolks. Work has been timely, feedback constructive and very focused on making sure we are satisfied with the implementation. Feedback from our personnel has been very positive. We are excited about implementing their solution.”
Mr. AKS Chauhan (COO, GRIL)
” We would like to thank QuaLiX for its continued assistance in the implementation of the system. QuaLiX is diligently working to create a solution that meets our needs. With our own Quality Control team, QuaLiX is ensuring that the solution not only achieves its intended purpose, but also meets our high quality standards.”
Mr. Sandeep Devaria (Director, Ravi Infra build Projects Pvt Ltd)

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