Ohio planning to use camera drones to monitor highway traffic

In recent times, Drone technology is getting more popular and finding multiple usage. Now the usage of drone is not constrain to snapping fancy photographs. In fact, the recent initiative taking place in Ohio, is to promote the usage of the remotely controlled flying machines to successfully monitor traffic circumstances along a stretch of highway.

Previously, any such monitoring was task was generally conducted by fixed ground-based cameras, but it has got the limitation of providing the clear view only to certain range. Thus to overcome from such limitation, the Ohio Department of Transportation’s DriveOhio Division, the key body responsible for managing “smart mobility” creativities, has now started to work with Ohio State University’s College of Engineering on a three-year, $6-million project. With this new project, they are trying to comprehend the different functions and benefits of drones along with its usage to monitor traffic conditions. The site to perform such research is the Smart Mobility Corridor, which is a 35-mile stretch of U.S. Route 33 and has been busy hosting a range of initiatives for connected roadway infrastructure.

By performing such research, the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Traffic Management Center primarily aims to create one of its own kinds of system that would result in the proper management of data sent from drones, where it can be assessed. However, despite the usage of drones, the ground-based cameras would still be operational to provide a broad picture of every activity happening on the highway road.

These days the team is busy in conducting various prep work, which includes creation of a platform facilitating various drones to be flown beyond the operator’s line of sight. Jim Gregory, Ohio State professor and Aerospace Research Center director had given assurance that the platform will surely be able to attain its safety goals. He further added, “Our collaborative work will be a new benchmark to achieve the ultimate vision of safe flight of unmanned aircraft systems across Ohio and beyond.”

These drones would also be strategically placed at numerous points along a highway, with each one hooked up to a power cord. This would help them to fly around the clock.

In recent times, the usage of such technology has got great popularity and being used in a number of settings. Quadcopters can be seen flying over the busy roads of Bordeaux, France, where local police are making best use of this technology to trap dodgy drivers. This new Ohio’s research, also appears to be meant more toward noticing traffic jams, accidents, or any other hazards rather than going after speedsters.

Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/ohio-camera-drones-monitor-highway-traffic