Job Benefits

At QuaLiX, we always care, capitalize and give a proper significance to our employees! Come explore all the benefits, programs and opportunities available when you join our team!

1. Benefits

Each employee at QuaLiX is a family member, and so we always take care of our employees and their families by offering high-quality benefits and exclusive perks.

2. Work-Life Balance

We believe that each employee always works hard to maintain a balance between professional and personal life and this balance between work and life is crucial to each employee success. At QuaLiX, while our employees are dedicated to their responsibilities & work, we also know that there are other obligations in employees’ lives. Therefore, the company has designed work-life programs to help and balance it all.

Quality Standard Policy

Wellness is an essential part of the culture. Through our employee wellness program, employees have the opportunity to provide input on the wellness programs. By participating, employees receive points providing an opportunity to earn recognition and rewards based on their individual progress throughout the year.

3. Professional Development

We are committed in developing our employees, nurturing them to attain their full potential, improving their professional skills, evolving their competence and value in the workplace. In fact, we ensure to provide proper importance to our employees to be fruitful by providing them with professional development breaks. We attempt to boost individual learning and development as the means for generating an improved workplace atmosphere and to position employees to be prosperous in their respective careers.

Keeping tracks of the project

Mentoring Programs

At QuaLiX , we assist our employees by offering a formal Mentorship Program to each and every single employee.. In fact, our mentorship program is designed to engage, nurture, and empower talent within the company and offer right prospects for professional development. A senior manager serves in every department as the Mentor and plays a vital role in recognizing objectives that the employee seeks to accomplish.

Coaching and Development

Plus, we also create a customized development plan for every employee to support professional development during performance planning. Employees and mentors work together to distinguish right opportunities and a timeline for actual completion of every assignment. The best aspect of our professional development program is scheduling regular mentoring sessions to discourse development and encourage the employee to energetically participate and ask questions.

Integrated Management System