Research & Development

Innovation and brilliance are at the heart of every task that we perform. At QuaLiX, our experts, seek to add collaboratively at the very beginning stage of design and planning and follow a right methodology to create an active relationship with our clients.

As we place massive importance on performance and work only to meet opportunities, and therefore our works are fully supported by our in-house R&D team. The fundamental aim of our R&D experts is to reduce the danger of mistakes and inaccuracy (if any) while implementing any new technology in any project.

Quality Standard Policy

In fact, through the research & development of our products or offering services, we primarily aim to make developments or changes to our existing products and application techniques and design new products and services. Every development is accomplished to generate sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Keeping tracks of the project

Our Lab

We live in an innovation-driven world where old business and technology tactics no longer offer a lasting competitive edge. QuaLiX can help you meet the technology challenges by leveraging its deep domain proficiency together with extensive industry understanding of innovation, operations, and technology, all grounded with an engineering mindset.

QuaLiX's in-house Research Center of Excellence is a facility that has been designed around additive manufacturing technologies. In fact, the company has a laboratory where our tech experts perform product evaluation, testing, etc., as well as other evaluation activities in support of modern engineered product development efforts.

Prompt prototyping results in quick turnaround times for sample development gives QuaLiX a cutting edge in the industry. In fact, our R&D department outshines in high quality and fast development cycle through highly trained staff with knowledge in the current range of design software.

Our Approach

We are well aware of the fact that communication is always vital for the fruitful completion of every project. Right from the day one, you engage with QuaLiX, we assign your point of contact for a project.

Our experts will ensure that every stage of your requirement is performed professionally and to the required deadlines. We are always there for you and can provide the required support in refining innovation strategies, ideating on new products and solutions, or setting the groundwork for a new solution and product architectures.

We custom build each of our solutions to your requirements, leveraging the best of Qualiaxn experts.

Integrated Management System