Software Developement

Businesses nowadays increasingly depend on improving efficiency and productivity through technology solutions. Thus the role of the software development team has become critically important.

QuaLiX understands the significance of excellent software and applications in the operations and growth of any organization and thus offers excellent software development services to its customers.

Our software development process is based on a thorough understanding of our clients' needs. The experience and range of skills that QuaLiX brings to bear on your IT project enable us to offer the appropriate composite of up-to-date technologies available worldwide for your solution. In fact, our years of successful implementations have proven how the scalable architecture of our Highway Traffic Management or Toll Management software can address the challenges of different traffic conditions.

How can we help you?

  • We have a team of experienced & skillful engineers that can turn their creative imagination into unique application development that encompasses problem-solving output.
  • We assess our customer’s business needs thoroughly and deliver supportive business solutions in the form of customized software development.
  • Our primary focus is to provide a wide range of innovative software development services that include custom application development, software migration services, etc.
How can we help you?

We understand that for software development teams to function effectively, the team must have defined objectives, and therefore each member of our software development team has a sense of ownership of the work. Everything from requirements to coding is accounted for in the chain of team responsibility. Thanks to the high value placed on training, each member of our team are not just a coder, but a highly experienced professional who has the complete awareness of entire steps of the software development lifecycle procedure.

How does our team work?

Our Software Development Team is divided into functional groups depending on the employees’ experience. Role assignments are made according to the process selected for the given project. For every single project, whether it is medium- and large-sized, a team consists of the following:

  • Project leader
  • Developers & Database administrators
  • Quality assurance testers
  • System administrators who maintain network & source control system

This principle of shaping project teams with the right experts enables us in software development efficiently and in quick time.

How does our team work?

Customers' Feedback

“QuaLiXhas demonstrated a high degree of flexibility, scalability and professionalism enabling us to meet the strategic goals for our TMS implementation. Their commitment to quality and execution excellence has made a significant difference.”
Mr. R L Kashyap (Sr. V P, GRIL)
“It has certainly been a pleasure working with the QuaLiXfolks. Work has been timely, feedback constructive and very focused on making sure we are satisfied with the implementation. Feedback from our personnel has been very positive. We are excited about implementing their solution.”
Mr. AKS Chauhan (COO, GRIL)
” We would like to thank QuaLiX for its continued assistance in the implementation of the system. QuaLiX is diligently working to create a solution that meets our needs. With our own Quality Control team, QuaLiX is ensuring that the solution not only achieves its intended purpose, but also meets our high quality standards.”
Mr. Sandeep Devaria (Director, Ravi Infra build Projects Pvt Ltd)

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