About WIMXperTTM

Technology always comes with numerous advantages and we at QuaLiX Information System are optimally utilizing them for the benefit of the global society. We are offering highly sophisticated weigh in motion system service, which supports in estimating the weight of the truck while it is in motion. This WIM system guarantees efficiency, reliability and better usability in comparison to old methods of static weighing.

We aim to infuse innovation in our system and solutions, which are apparently evident from our hi-tech systems that enhance road-safety and minimize costs by installing weigh based tolling schemes as per the preference of our customers. This novel solution aids in controlling the number of over-loaded heavy vehicles, lessening wear & tear and lowering emissions. We use compatible tools like sensors to detect the over-weight, vehicle registration number and centralized electronic system for storing & evaluating the data.

Why QuaLiX?

  • QuaLiX understands the rising need of WIM system in road networks due to increase in heavy traffic in cities and metropolitan areas. We are building premium WIM systems that deliver optimum results in terms of monitoring, controlling and cost-reduction.
  • We intend to deliver such WIM system that are capable of identifying over-weighing heavy vehicles that can lead to road erosion, noise pollution, decrease safety on road and increase the cost on road maintenance.
  • The purpose is to foster the growth of WIM technology in both domestic as well as global platform and shall present its benefits to the complete road networks in the world.
  • We have introduced a versatile WIM Solution that can be integrated with other traffic controlling systems and solutions like Electronic Tolling Collection Centres, Highway Traffic Management Systems etc.
  • We anticipate a potential future in this unique Weigh in Motion System via implementation of weigh based tolling system that will help in reducing emissions further.
  • Our specialized professionals possess expertise, experience and skill for developing the sub-systems and processes involved in WIM system.

At QuaLiX, we provide

  • WIM’s software
  • Installation
  • 24×7 support
  • Spares availability
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Contact Us

QuaLiX Information System LLP

X-28A, Second Floor, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, India

Contact Number: 011-41006602

QuaLiX Information System LLP

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