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QuaLiX’s Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS) integrates multiple technologies to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety. Real-time traffic data from a traffic detection system flows into a Traffic Control center. HTMS is a comprehensive and scalable platform for transportation management solutions that offers intelligence, insight, and system-wide information integration. It provides centralized management of traffic operations by using data that is collected from disparate systems across geographic locations.

QuaLiX’s Highway Traffic Management System Provide and innovative solution by utilizing state-of-art system technologies and proven field equipment.

ATMS Complementary technologies include


Automated detection, classification and measurement of speed of vehicles are challenging tasks, in a no-lane disciplined and heterogeneous traffic. QuaLiX proposes an inductive loop sensor wherein multiple numbers of small loops are placed within a large outer loop, for measurement of traffic parameters under such traffic. In the new system the outer loop alone is connected to the measurement unit and all the small loops are coupled inductively to the outer loop. This scheme is simple and effective and can be employed to convert an existing single loop system to a multiple loop system, suitable for heterogeneous traffic. The measurement is based on a synchronous detection method.

QuaLiX’s ATCC is a fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic data gathering device.

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier (ATCC)

  • We offer unique HTMS solutions that guarantee scalability, flexibility and effectiveness with the help of well tested software’s and unrivaled & sophisticated technologies.
  • We are providing updated and compatible HTMS software’s along with acute installation, spares and 24x7x365 support with an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).
  • We believe in innovating continuously which is highlighted in our aptly integrated multiple technologies that are developed with a goal to improve the vehicle traffic flow and road safety.
  • We are equipped with a team of ambitious and adroit engineers who are working hard in bringing evolution in the HTMS segment.
  • We are delivering excellent software solutions that can depict real time traffic data through latest detection systems, IT enabled systems & services.

Standard Constructions Features

  • Small size
  • Solar operated
  • No hassle field setup
  • 40 GB on board memory
  • QuaLiX ATCC ensures operational safety during installation and data retrieval.
  • Advanced loop profiling function to detect mixed traffic

Closed Circuit Television Surveillance (CCTV)

CCTV system transfers real time streams of the highway to the control center and provides information for traffic management and according to situation operator broadcast the information for road users through VMS. CCTV-based Monitoring System ensures effective monitoring of traffic even in low-light conditions. The CCTV camera is located near the Emergency Telephone as an additional support for the vehicle seeking help.


Video Incident Detection (Speed, Crash detection) (VIDS)

Automatic Video Incident System is deployed in situations where 100% visual coverage is required and the need to immediate incident response is critical.
Typically the Automatic Video Incident Detection System is additional to the surveillance CCTV systems and consists of the following:

  • Fixed CCTV camera;
  • Video image processor;
  • Method of communication (modem, leased line, fiber network etc.);
  • Control system software.

Emergency Call Box (ECB)

QuaLiXTM ECB is indigenously designed & developed by inhouse Research & Development Team to meet the very demanding conditions on highways and is specially designed for adverse environments and for road-users to report an accident /incident on the expressway to request for assistance. The rugged, weatherproof metal housing, high-power amplifier, and low power consumption make it ideal for handling emergency calls from the side of the highway or in mining areas

  • IP 65 Certified Durable housing
  • GPS Tracking system (In case of Theft).
  • Full Duplex communication with the operator.
  • Daily self-test
  • Maintenance & Operation logbook
  • Lost calls saving
  • Assure 99.99% uptime at Remote location.
  • Auto switching between IP Module & GSM Module

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

Variable Message Sign provides information related to safety and all surrounding activities like weather information, congestion, diversion and etc. directly to the road user.
Our key to success has been to provide highly reliable systems at competitive prices so that our final customers associate with QuaLiX and we comply the complete specification of MoRTH.

Meteorological Data Station (MDS)

HighwayXperTTM is a fully integrated software system for efficiently managing, acquisition, processing, and distribution of weather information to the road users.
At unmanned stations, observations are performed every 10 minutes. All the observational data is transmitted to the central control room. The parameters which we measure through MDS

  • Wind direction
  • Temperature
  • Road Temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Visibility
  • Relative Humidity


Mobile Radio Communication System (MRCS)

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