About Solar Blinkers

QuaLiXTM is a prominent manufacturer of highly reliable solar blinker. Our solar blinker includes Solar Panel, Battery, Battery box, & pole, etc.

Solar Blinkers are devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control competing flows of traffic and is used for signaling purpose and remains on 24 hrs blinking mode. These LED blinkers possess led based signal lights, instead of conventional incandescent lamps. Widely appreciated for consuming 90% less energy. These signals are completely maintenance free on ecofriendly Solar Power and without electricity connections.

Solar power flashers consist of solar PV module, LED traffic signal Head, charge controller & battery. The power generation of solar powered flashers is the solar PV module it is used for charging the 12v battery during the day time. Solar charge controller is used to prevent the battery being overcharged and also prevents battery being deep discharged.

Standard Constructions Features:

  • High efficiency electronic circuitry
  • 100%short circuit protection Surge/Lighting protected Perfect, design, Easy Installation
  • PWM/MOSFET based solar charge controller for efficient battery charging.
  • Single Battery Type, Temperature Compensated Battery Charging.
  • Ultra-bright, maintenance free LED’s
  • Long visibility : The super bright LED’s are visible from a long distance. Moreover, the arrow signs and total signal unit is also available.
  • Eco friendly : Solar Blinkers operate on solar energy and its solar charge regulator provides them high efficiency.
  • Power back up : Since they operate on solar energy, its sealed maintenance free battery enables it to stay charged for more than 24 hours.
  • Reliable : Indeed, our Solar Blinkers are extremely reliable as our product conform to International standards and have attained requisite tested certifications on reliability as well as quality.
  • Low power consumption : QuaLiX Information System has used high intense LEDs that operate at high frequency and have low duty cycle leading to bright visibility at low power consumption.
  • Intensity : The LEDs used in our solar blinkers give highly intense flashes per minute as desired. It is equipped with automatic intensity control during day and night time.
  • Low output degradation : Our solar blinkers flaunt solar charge regulator which ensures low output degradation.
  • No cabling/road trenching : Interestingly, cable-free and doesn’t require road trenching.
  • Weather durability : Our solar blinkers showcase supreme quality weatherproof construction for all-time as well as long term weather durability.


LED Based Solar Blinkers prove their worth in extremely sensitive and accident prone areas. Our solar blinkers are helpful in regulating traffic especially on low and medium traffic roads.

  • Intersecting Road Junctions
  • Curves and U-turns
  • National/State Highway Roads
  • Industrial areas
  • Ultra-bright, maintenance free LED’s
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Town-Market/ Market in cities
  • Office Zones/ SEZs
  • At construction sites on the road sides to warn road users about construction activities
  • On entry gates of highly important buildings

Technical Features:

Technical Specifications
IP rating IP 65
Supply Voltage 12V, DC
Power Consumption 0.4A @ 12 V DC
Temperature Range -5 °C to +70°C
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 200 X 355 X 510
Weight 12.5 Kg
Housing MS
Visibility 500 Meters
LED Color Amber
Battery Capacity 26 Ah 18 Ah
Power Backup 45 Hours 31.5 Hours
Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free SMF Battery
Flash Time 50/52 Flashers/Min.
Pole Specification Length = 3000 mm
Dia = 80 mm
Sheet Thickness = 2 mm
Pole surface finishing Powder Coating type finishing (75 micron)
Base Plate Specifications Length = 250 mm
Width = 250 mm
Thickness = 8 mm
Solar panel output power 100 Watt 40 Watt

Why QuaLiXTM

Pan India Service Network: QuaLiX Information System has expanded its network across whole India and is captivating the interest of customers via its excellent services.

  • Long-life battery: Our solar blinkers flaunt increase battery life and durable solar panel.
  • Diverse protection: QuaLiX Information System guarantees numerous protections against short circuits, battery overcharge, Battery deep discharge and reverse current flow to solar panel.
  • 100% quality testing: Our experienced technicians have tested these solar blinkers in terms of quality, construction, operation, LED device and maintenance.
  • Anti-theft protection: We exclusively offer in-built battery system that protects the battery from usual threat of thefts.
  • No manual operations on our solar blinkers: Due to internal and flexible adjustment in the micro-processor based circuits, it can operate automatically depending on the dusk or dawn time without any manual intervention.
  • Cost-effective: Our prices are competitive and are optimally charged with no compromise on quality of the product.

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X-28A, Second Floor, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, India

Contact Number: 011-41006602

QuaLiX Information System LLP

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