Advantages of Installing Emergency Call Box System

Only a prompt response can save valuable lives and assets during a mishap. This is why; the installation of Emergency call box in roads, highways, parking lots, industries, mines, etc is very necessary. The emergency boxes contain an SOS button that aids a distressed person to make a communication with the rescuing authorities without very conveniently.

For an instance, anyone can call police or any other authority for assistance if he is stranded in the middle of nowhere or met an accident. The distress call will be immediately responded by the rescue authorities. The helping team will get a window of time to reach the destination and take measures to deal with the crisis.

Design features of Emergency call box

The Emergency Call Box System India is designed as per the use but all the models have common features of tolerating adverse climatic conditions. The system is sophisticated enough to connect the distressed person immediately to the rescue authorities without making too many gestures.

The design has been developed in such a way that the person can contact the rescue team despite his or her condition. A direct contact button is provided. Pressing the button will create a proper channel to describe the ongoing situation. Even if the person is not able to speak, the authorities can find the location of the box due to the positioning feature used in the system.

The efficient features of the Emergency call box System are mentioned below.

  • It can be connected via fiber, wire, or Wi-Fi. The device can also have a GSM that can be easily tracked.
  • The box can be installed in noisy places. The user will find the device absolutely audible besides the highways or mines.
  • The responder on the opposite side will be able to hear the distressed person’s voice due to the noise filtering features.
  • Often the boxes have solar panels. Even if the electrical grid system is down, it can be still used to call for help.
  • The designs are extremely durable and can withstand diverse weather conditions.


Installing Emergency call box in the highways and industries will help the distressed and the authorities to respond on time.

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